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Creeksde Canine prides itself on providing eclectic and well-balanced training programs in the Frederick area. Creekside trainers are equipped with a vast toolbox of different training techniques to ensure that you and your dog both have a satisfying and successful training experience. We understand that, like people, all dogs learn differently. We will work with you to design a custom- made training program that best suits you and your dog. The training you receive at Creekside will help you learn how to provide the structure and communication that all dogs crave in order to have a well-balanced life. At Creekside we don't just train your dog, we train you too. Whether you have a new puppy, are looking to teach an old dog new tricks, or are dealing with a behavioral issue, it is our goal to provide you with the skills you need to have a happy, healthy relationship with your canine companion.

Trainer Bio
Sarah Shulman is a certified Canine Trainer and Behavior Specialist. She attended the internationally acclaimed Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers (formerly Tripple Crown Academy) in Central Texas. Upon graduating Sarah was offered an internship with Starmark Academy and spent three more months training rescue dogs and assisting in the teaching of Starmark's next generation of dog trainers. During her time at Starmark, Sarah was exposed to variety of training techniques and got hands-on experience working with a large assortment of dogs, dealing with various behavior and training issues. When her internship with Starmark was complete Sarah returned to her hometown of Frederick, MD to open her own dog training business.

Sarah was born and raised in downtown Frederick, and could think of no better place to start her own business. She has been an active member of the downtown community, having been a Company member with the Maryland Ensemble Theater for over ten years. Along with working various technical positions for the theater, Sarah is also a playwright. Her work has been performed in Frederick as well as DC and New York. Sarah returned from her seven-month stay in Texas excited to serve her community in a brand new way. Sarah continues to live in downtown Frederick with her dogs, who she trained through the Starmark program. She can often be seen walking them, as well as client dogs, along the canal and down Market Street, or training in Baker Park.

Training Services

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In-Home Training
Behavioral Training
Group Lessons
Day Training
Downtown Walkabouts

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Conveniently located in Frederick dog training classes have started. We offer individual or group classes. Please call to register your dog as the classes fill quickly. You do not have to be enrolled in our daycare group to take advantage of training at Club Dogz.

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