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Spotlight on Sarah Shulman Club Dogz Trainer

Sarah has been working with dogs since the age of 12 when she joined 4H and got her first dog. She trained and showed her dog through advanced obedience and agility. Sarah has worked for three years as a professional dog handler and manager at Club Dogz and is now focusing her time and talents as Club Dogz on staff trainer.

Sarah trains through positive reinforcement training with a focus on behavior modification and understanding the pack mentality. She believes in flexible training and will adjust training methods to suit the needs of the individual animal. No two dogs are the same, therefore training methods vary for each individual dog. All dogs desire a constructive home environment and a strong leader. It is important to remember that dogs are dogs and will always behave as such. Sarah's training will provide owners with the tools and skills needed to become the pack leader and have a happy and healthy relationship with their canine commpanion.

As well as providing behavior modification and obedience training, Sarah also offers socialization training for dogs that are either fearful or aggressive with other dogs or simply need to learn the appropriate ways to play in a pack. You are a wonderful companion for your dog, but all dogs should have the opportunity to play with other dogs for the physical and mental stimulation they get. As a Club Dogz dog handler Sarah will work with your dog within our daycare or dog park pack environment, providing your dog with the skills and confidence it needs to play with and feel comfortable around other dogs and people and also to become a more well rounded companion to you.

Sarah has shown her many skills working within our Club Dogz pack the past three years and we are very proud to have her as Club Dogz Trainer. We are also confident that you to will be totally satisfied with her work.

"Doggie Good Manners"
Basic Obedience Classes start

Saturday December 7, 2013 at 12 noon.

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Are you tired of being walked by your dog?
Does your dog greet your guests by knocking them down?
Do you dread meeting other dogs while walking?
Are your neighbors complaining about your dogs singing?
Does your dog have your furniture for lunch?
Does your dog spend more time in time out than your 2 year old?
Does the phrase "He just doesn't listen to me!" sound familiar to you?
Do you own your dog or does your dog own you?

You've come to the right place!
Close to downtown Frederick Dog Training at Club Dogz

Training strengthens the natural bond between you and your dog.

Training helps teach you to be the leader of the pack.

Training can lessen destructive behaviors.

Training will help you with housebreaking.

Training will help with unwanted behaviors such as jumping, barking, whining, biting, nipping, digging etc.

Training will help you walk the dog instead of the dog walking you.

Training will make your life with your dog more relaxed and pleasant.

Training is fun for both you and your dog, they get to do a stimulating job and you get to be proud of them.


Any type of training course will strengthen the natural bond between you and your dog with fewer frustrations. It will help create structure for your dog within it's new family pack and teach you to be the pack leader.

At Club Dogz you will learn how to utilize your dog's natural instincts and loving cooperative nature. We will teach you clearer communication and a more effective way to live with your new canine companion. Not only will training stimulate your dog's mind it will tire him out and reduce boredom.

Training will also help your dog trust and respect you by understanding their place (rank) within their new family pack. This will deter them from taking the dominate position within the household.

Training will help you understand your dog's needs and teach your dog what is expected of him. This leads to a healthy, happy and safe life for the whole family (pack).

Most importantly training is a fun and rewarding experience for both you and your dog.


Conveniently located in Frederick dog training classes have started. We offer individual or group classes. Our next group classes start Saturday December 7,2013 at 12:00 noon. Please call to register your dog the classes fill quickly. You do not have to be enrolled in our daycare group to take advantage of Club Dogz training.

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