Before anything else, you need to first prepare your driveway for the repairs. This is only a matter of carefully cleaning the damaged portion and ensuring that it is free of water, vegetation, debris, dust, or anything else that will keep the materials for repair from sticking to the current asphalt. This is very important for alligator asphalt.  

Removing dust and dirt 

1. With the use of a stiff-bristled broom, sweep off the portions to be repaired. If you don’t have a stiff-bristled broom in your house, any broom will suffice. You can find some cheap brooms at the nearest hardware stores, or you can buy a professional grade broom and make your job much easier by sweeping everything in one area.  

2. If you use water from a pressure washer or a hose, you may want to ensure that the surface is totally dry before making your repairs. Always remember, the only issue with using water is that it will penetrate the smallest cracks in your asphalt driveway, and if you seal the cracks, there is no other way for the water or moisture to be taken out. This will create problems for your asphalt in the long run. Therefore, if you will use water, then it is highly recommended to use this kind of method in a very hot climate as well as wait for at least a day before applying any repair material to it.  

3. Some of you may have a leaf blower or a push blower, which will make the job easier. If you use your leaf blower and cannot seem to remove dirt from the surface, use a stiff-bristled broom to loosen the dirt and other debris that sticks to the surface, and then try with your leaf blower for the second time, and so forth.  

Removing vegetation 

If you are on a tight budget and you also have a triangular-shaped gardening hoe, you may use a sharp-angled tip to remove vegetation from the cracks that you will find mostly in wide or alligator asphalt cracks. Simply stick the angled tip into the crack and then pull it towards you. Repeat the procedure until you clear all the vegetation. This tool should do fine for sinkholes or potholes. Gardening hoes usually have thinner materials and may not stand up to your task. What you will want to use is the thicker steel triangular hoe, which will eliminate the abuse against hard asphalt driveways. If you are the kind of person who goes all out and makes the most of their money, you should buy and use a professional-grade crack hoe that is designed with a heavy-duty material when compared to an ordinary gardening hoe.  

Repairs to Asphalt Driveways 

Most of the asphalt repairs like in parking lot paving are very simple and painless. However, they still need some hard work and a little bit of elbow grease. Because of that, you may need the help of one of the professional paving companies near you.